E W Beth Dissertation Prize

E. W. Beth Dissertation Prize: 2012
new call for nominations

Since 2002, FoLLI (the Association for Logic, Language, and Information, http://www.folli.org) awards the E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize to outstanding dissertations in the fields of Logic, Language, and Information. We invite submissions for the best dissertation which resulted in a Ph.D. degree in the year 2011. The dissertations will be judged on technical depth and strength, originality, and impact made in at least two of three fields of Logic, Language, and Computation. Interdisciplinarity is an important feature of the theses competing for the E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize.

Who qualifies.

Nominations of candidates are admitted who were awarded a Ph.D. degree in the areas of Logic, Language, or Information between January 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2011. There is no restriction on the nationality of the candidate or the university where the Ph.D. was granted. After a careful consideration, FoLLI has decided to accept only dissertations written in English. Dissertations produced in 2011 but not written in English or not translated will be allowed for submission, after translation, also with the call next year (for dissertations defended in 2012). The present call for nominations for the E.W. Beth Disertation Award 2012 will also accept nominations of full English translations of theses originally written in another language than English and defended in 2010 or 2011.


The prize consists of:

  • a certificate
  • a donation of 2500 euros provided by the E.W. Beth Foundation
  • an invitation to submit the thesis (or a revised version of it) to the FoLLI Publications on Logic, Language and Information (Springer). For further information on this series see the FoLLI site.

How to submit.

Only electronic submissions are accepted. The following documents are required:

  1. The thesis in pdf or ps format (doc/rtf not accepted)
  2. A ten page abstract of the dissertation in ascii or pdf format
  3. A letter of nomination from the thesis supervisor. Self-nominations are not admitted: each nomination must be sponsored by the thesis supervisor. The letter of nomination should concisely describe the scope and significance of the dissertation and state when the degree was officially awarded
  4. Two additional letters of support, including at least one letter from a referee not affiliated with the academic institution that awarded the Ph.D. degree.

All documents must be submitted electronically to buszko@amu.edu.pl. Hard copy submissions are not admitted. In case of any problems with the email submission or a lack of notification within three working days, nominators should write to buszko@amu.edu.pl.

Important dates:

Deadline for Submissions: May 1, 2012. Extended: June 30, 2012.
Notification of Decision: July 31, 2012.


Due to some technical obstacles, the first call for nominations was announced on the site of FoLLI in the beginning of March 2012 but not widely distributed through mailing lists. Therefore we essentially prolong the deadline now. We ask all potential nominators to inform the chair earlier by a mail to buszko@amu.edu.pl, even before having completed the required documents.


Chris Barker (New York)
Wojciech Buszkowski (chair) (Poznan)
Dale Miller (Palaiseau)
Larry Moss (Bloomington)
Ian Pratt-Hartmann (Manchester)
Ruy de Queiroz (Recife)
Giovanni Sambin (Padua)
Rob van der Sandt (Nijmegen)
Rineke Verbrugge (Groningen)
Heinrich Wansing (Bochum)

The Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI) each year awards the E. W. Beth Dissertation Prize, named in honor of the Dutch mathematician Evert Willem Beth, to outstanding PhD theses in the fields of Logic, Language, and Information. Dissertations are evaluated on the basis of their technical depth, strength and originality. Each year the award can be assigned ex aequo to more than one thesis, or to no thesis at all. The prize for the year 2013 consists of a certificate, a donation of 2500 euros and an invitation to submit (a possibly revised version of) the thesis to the FoLLI Publications on Logic, Language and Information,[1] published by Springer Science+Business Media.

List of previous winners [2][edit]

YearAuthorTitle of the ThesisInstitution
2016Thomas ZeumeSmall Dynamic Complexity ClassesUniversity of Dortmund
2015Michał SkrzypczakDescriptive set theoretic methods in automata theoryUniversity of Warsaw
2014Thomas GrafLocal and Transderivational Constraints in Syntax and SemanticsUniversity of California, Los Angeles
2013Wesley H. HollidayKnowing What Follows: Epistemic Closure and Epistemic LogicStanford University
2013Ekaterina LebedevaExpressing Discourse Dynamics via ContinuationsUniversity of Lorraine
2012Andreas KapsnerLogics and FalsificationsUniversity of Barcelona
2012Daniel R. LicataDependently Typed Programming with Domain-Specific LogicsCarnegie Mellon University
2011Nils BullingModelling and Verifying Abilities of Rational AgentsTU Clausthal
2011Mohan GanesalingamThe Language of MathematicsUniversity of Cambridge
2010Yury SavateevAlgorithmic Complexity of Fragments of the Lambek CalculusMoscow State University
2009Emmanuel ChemlaPresuppositions and Scalar Implicatures: Formal and Experimental StudiesEcole Normale Superieure de Paris
2009Lukasz KaiserLogic and Games on Automatic StructuresAachen University
2008Tomas BrazdilVerification of Probabilistic Recursive Sequential ProgramsMasaryk University
2008Marco KuhlmannDependency Structures and Lexicalized GrammarsSaarland University
2007Gabriele PuppisAutomata for Branching and Layered StructuresUniversity of Udine
2006Leszek KolodziejczykTruth Definitions and higher-Order Logics in Finite ModelsWarsaw University
2006Chung-chieh (Ken) ShanLinguistic Side EffectsHarvard University
2005Ash AsudehResumption as Resource ManagementUniversity of Canterbury
2004John T. HaleGrammar, Uncertainty and Sentence ProcessingMichigan State University
2003Jason BaldridgeLexically Specified Derivational Control in Combinatory Categorial GrammarUniversity of Edinburgh
2002Maria AloniQuantification under conceptual coversUniversity of Amsterdam
2001Gerald PennThe Algebraic Structure of Attributed Type SignaturesUniversity of Toronto
2000Jelle GerbrandyBisimulations on Planet KripkeUniversity of Amsterdam
2000Khalil Sima'anLearning Efficient DisambiguationUniversities of Amsterdam and of Utrecht
1999Peter GrünwaldThe Minimum Description Length Principle and Reasoning under UncertaintyUniversity of Amsterdam
1999Matthew StoneModality in Dialogue: Planning, Pragmatics and ComputationUniversity of Pennsylvania
1998Nir FriedmanModeling Beliefs in Dynamic SystemsStanford University
1998Lisa MatthewsonDeterminer Systems and Quantificational Strategies: Evidence from SalishUniversity of British Columbia


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