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Want an idea there? Let us look at the facts.

Take a look around you in architecture today, more talk on politics than technology. Although architects now use 100% developed tools, or close, created by programmers using known accessible technologies, whether Vectorworks, SketchUp, Autodesk or Bentley based, to name a few, they STILL do not hire programmers in house to be an integral part of their "Business Intelligence Model" teams. See the incongruity in that fundamental trend in architecture?

Yet, the forecast is, an architecture firm that takes this seriously today can literally be 4 times faster and more efficient than the rest of the industry which is already 20 years behind the technology curve in 2 years. And the real shame is you do not have to know how to program to know how to apply modern inter-application programming concepts to your production and data management process not to mention web marketing and Web or Cloud project engagement.

The problem is Microsoft and Google and Apple ALL have a secret. It is called the "I Wish it Did This" list and they have applied it from inception, and because they are programmers that REAL LIST is being completed and added to as we speak. For your thesis, you may consider examples of how various architecture design bottlenecks can be broken once and for all to create time for?

1. more design, 

2. more quality control and 

3. getting more jobs. 

Is that not a good reason to consider technology more seriously as an industry?

Imo, find a way to merge true cutting edge technological concepts and trends with known architectural system backwardness and obstacles which can be quantified, and thus, proven to be improvable; so your thesis goes from "Pie in the Sky" ideas everyone has, to tapping these ideas into REALITY in the team all around you.

Since technology is what will continue to change the field of architecture and the world itself, you cannot lose by synergizing your architecture thesis and making a programmer a part of your real world research project. Technology is now global and rampant; and if it is still "disruptive technology" then it is not being applied as it was designed to be used, thus you can teach the entire field of architecture HOW to "roll with the changes" rather than hoping it all goes away. The news is, it is here to stay.

Architects: To start, hire a full-time programmer and tell them what you wish it did, START your own "I Wish it Did This" List today!

It is a problem that must be attacked at the root level in architectural academia and organizations, that is why this is all news to architects today, no they are not "dumb", no one told them the news yet.

Architects are great at giving critiques but they do not take criticism well, so stick to it, the wave is here and it has passed the field of architecture and they will have to catch up, and those who do first can literally devour their competition. True, you still need to be able to design and get jobs, BUT you might as well tap the world-changing technological CONCEPTS which have already done this very thing for the likes of Microsoft, Google and Apple. Believe it or not your "business intelligence model" can benefit from the study of those just mentioned.


If you want to know what age architecture is in just look at the "digital version" 1970s job listings they are now hiring which are production and management aids which merely help them drag their dead horse, rather than resurrecting it with proper technological planning and application at the principle level first. Get them to know the principles of modern technological automation and your whole field will thank you thank you thank you in just 10 years once you get the ball rolling.


Princeton Specific

Dissertations & Theses: Covers scholarship from most U.S. universities with some international coverage. Full text coverage begins with 1997+ but indexing includes scholarship dating back to 1861. To search PU Dissertations, follow this link to a subset of the Proquest Dissertations. 

SoA Design Theses: The School of Architecture maintains an archive of student theses from 1930s through the present. To search the index of projects or access the collection, contact the Visual Resources Curator. This collection includes both graduate and undergraduate projects. 

Princeton Senior Theses Database: A search catalog of senior theses written from 1929 through the present. Approximately 60 000 records are included but not all departments are represented (SoA is). Searchable by author, advisor, department, or year. The Mudd Manuscript Library collects and maintains the primary copies.

SoA Library Senior Thesis Collection:  The School of Architecture Library has a small subset of SoA senioir theses.  These essays can be found in the library Main Catalog by an author search or by a call number browse search for "Sen. Th." Many of these theses have not been formatted for primary copy but rather include color images, fold-outs, dust jackets, etc. This small collection does not circulate. 

Architecture Theses & Dissertations Beyond Princeton

Harvard's Graduate School of Design: A guide for finding masters theses and doctoral dissertations specific to the GSD. 

MIT Architecture Dissertations & Theses: A basic list organized by author of the thesis or dissertation. Each entry includes the title of the work, brief "where are they now" info, and links to the works in MIT's Barton catalog.

UC-Berkeley's Guide to Architecture & Environmental Design Theses and Dissertations: Explains how you can find these works in the UCB system.

Architecture Association's School of Architecture Theses: Theses can be searched via the online catalogue by selecting the 'AA Theses' menu option from the upper left-hand drop-down menu.

Georgia Tech College of Architecture Theses & Dissertations Database

UMass-Amherst's Architecture Masters Theses Collection

Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Architecture Thesis Collection

UIUC's Depts. of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Checklist: links to pages with basic details about theses, projects, and dissertations from the Departments of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning up to 2006 (update pending). THis link will take you to the dedicated Landscape Architecture Thesis Database.

Institutional Repositories or Scholarly Commons - freely accessible research archived and disseminated

eCommons@Cornell: The OPEN collection is available to the general public, including the full text. The CLOSED collection is not available outside Cornell and only the citation and abstract are available at Cornell.

Scholarly Commons - Univ. of Pennsylvania: Browse and in some cases access the full text to theses and dissertations from Penn programs and professional schools.

Other Resources

ADT (Australiasian Digital Theses Program): This search portal provides searching, browsing, and access to theses and dissertations produced in Australia.

Biblioteca Digital de Teses e Dissertacoes:A search tool for accessing theses and dissertations produced in Brazilian universities.

Cybertesis: Sponsored by UNESCO and Fonds Francophone des Inforoutes, Cybertesis is a project between the Université de Montréal, the Université de Lyon2, the University of Chile and 32 universities of Europe, Africa and Latin America. Simultaneous searches through a single Web interface may retrieve more than 50.000 full text theses stored in 27 different servers and university repositories, by means of the use of OAI protocol (Open Archives Initiative) as a service provider (metadata harvesting).

DART-Europe E-theses Portal: A discovery service for open access research theses awarded by European universities.

DiVA: This portal provides access to dissertations, theses, and research publications written at 26 institutions in Scandinavia.

EThOS: Electronic Theses Online Service (EThOS) offers free access, in a secure format, to the full text of electronically stored UK theses--a rich and vast body of knowledge.

Foreign Doctoral Dissertations Database: The Center for Research Libraries has more than 800,000 cataloged foreign doctoral dissertations representing more than 90 countries and over 1200 institutions.

Index to Theses: A comprehensive listing of theses with abstracts accepted for higher degrees by universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1716. 589,028 theses in collection (355,862 of which have abstracts)

NARCIS:This search portal provides access to theses and dissertations produced in the Netherlands, as well as access to a variety of other research and data sets.

National ETD Portal (South Africa):This search portal provides access to dissertations and theses produced in South Africa.

RCAAP - Repositório Científico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal: TheRCAAP's mission is to promote,support and facilitatethe adoption of theopen access movementin Portugal.RCAAPThe projectaims to:increase the visibility, accessibility and dissemination ofacademic activity andPortuguese scientificresearch, facilitating the managementand access to informationaboutscientific productionand integratePortugal into aset ofinternational initiatives.  This portal offers a union catalog with digital contents from more than 30 institutions.

Theses Canada: A union catalog of Canadian theses and dissertations, in both electronic and analog formats, is available through the search interface on this portal.


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