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Admission Requirements:
Students apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program after or while in progress of completing a minimum of 28 credits and prerequisite coursework.

Admission Criteria:

  1. Submission of a University application (does not apply to students currently enrolled at MSU).
  2. Completion of Pre-Nursing courses outlined below and progress towards completing University required coursework.
  3. Cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher.
  4. A grade of 2.0 or higher in each admission prerequisite.
  5. Submission of a College application, two completed reference forms, essay, curriculum vitae or resume and evidence of relevant community service and/or work experience.

Admission to the program is highly competitive, with most candidates exceeding the minimum requirements; therefore, the most qualified candidates are selected from the pool of candidates meeting the minimum criteria.

Approximately 120 students are admitted each year. The College receives 2-3 times the number of applications per seat. The average GPA for the spring 2018 cohort is 3.75.

Admission Prerequisite Courses:

Science Courses
CEM 141: General Chemistry
BS 161: Cells and Molecules
ANTR 350: Anatomy

Non-Science Courses
WRA 101: University Tier I Writing
MTH103: College Algebra

Application Cycles:

  • Applications are now OPEN.
  • The College of Nursing admits twice per year for the Traditional BSN program
  • Spring Start Application Deadline - December 1
  • Fall Start Application Deadline - May 1

(Transfer students ONLY)

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What is the application process for this program?
Transfer students

First apply to Michigan State University: Interested applicants are encouraged to apply to MSU at least six months prior to the intended semester for which they seek admission to the Traditional BSN program.

Transfer students must be admissible to the university, meet all general university and College of Nursing admission requirements in order to be considered an eligible applicant for the Traditional BSN program.

After completing the general MSU transfer application process, applicants will then complete the Traditional BSN application via the College of Nursing website. Completion of the application will be dictated by prerequisite coursework. Students are eligible to apply after or while in progress of completing final admission prerequisite courses.   

Current MSU Student

Current MSU students will complete the Traditional BSN application via the College of Nursing website after or while in progress of completing final admission prerequisite courses. 

Are all application materials online?
Yes, all application materials are online and will need to be completed through the online system at time of application. This includes the essay, resume and two reference forms. Once the application is started each component will be accessible and accompanied with detailed instructions on what to include and how to complete.

When can an application be submitted?
There are two opportunities every year to submit an application for the Traditional BSN program. Applicants interested in starting the Nursing program in a spring semester should submit applications by December 1. Applicants interested in a fall start should submit applications by May 1.

Applicants always apply 1 semester behind the intended start semester. The spring start application will open in mid to late September and be due December 1. The fall start application will open mid to late January and be due May 1.

There is no summer application option. Applicants completing final prerequisite coursework over the summer will be eligible to apply during the fall semester for a spring start. Late or incomplete applications are not considered.

What is the average GPA of the students admitted?
The average GPA changes every semester but has ranged from 3.79-3.89. The average is dictated by the pool of applicants that apply.

The average GPA is based on a cumulative GPA calculation which consists of all completed courses. The College of Nursing also calculates an admission GPA which consists only of the courses required for admission to the program.

How many students are admitted to the program?
The College of Nursing accepts 120 students each academic year with 80 students being admitted in the fall and 40 students being admitted in the spring.

How many students apply to the program?
The College of Nursing typically receives 2-3 times the amount of applications per available program seat. 

What happens if a student is not admitted after they apply?
All students who are denied admission to the Traditional BSN program are strongly encouraged to attend one of the Admission Profile Review sessions held at the conclusion of the admission cycle each semester. Students are allowed to reapply for admission. However, the College of Nursing recommends that students apply no more than 2 times.

If a student applies twice and is not admitted, it is in the student’s best interest to discuss alternative options with an Academic Advisor.

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