Hip Hop Homework Mixtapes

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just like it says on the intro. Also, cialis 40mg I should probably clean my room.

(introlude) Kubota Toshinobu – Ichizu na Yoru, Mukizu na Asa

FatKidsBrotha – NWA ft Snubnose Frankenstein. I had this on repeat for a really long time. This whole tape is good – check them out on bandcamp.

A$AP Rocky – Been Around The World (Chopped and Screwed). From an older mixtape. This is a really mean song. Does identifying with this song make me a bad person?

S.L.A.C.K. – Hatsugen On Skit ft Rau Def. You’ve heard S.L.A.C.K. here before, but I don’t think I’ve played any Rau Def. I really like what both of these dudes are doing, but Rau Def right now especially is on some wildness. Over the summer he started attacking Zeebra (sort of a living legend in Japanese rap) for absolutely no reason. It was pretty funny.
no twitter for S.L.A.C.K. Rau is @xxxRAUDEFxxx

FatKidsBrotha – Queso ft Key! and Snubnose Frankenstein. Just stop what you’re doing now and get their tape.

Gucci Mane – Stupid (ahnnu remix). HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. swag.

Ham-R – Workinonit Remix. I have a lot of respect for this dude. This is off a tape he put out in 2010, which was the hands-down most forward thinking mixtape in Japanese rap that year. He’s supposed to be putting together an album right now.

Curtis Williams – This Her Jam ft MoneyMakinNique and Alkebulan. This is a pretty cool mixtape all around, but this track just kills. Also, the tape is called Trill Shit Only, which is worth a lot of points.

and that’s it for this one. and yeah, i’m on twitter? @dexdigi

ep 140, healing
but ULTRAed. See the original ep for more track info.

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intro – homeworklude
Ham-r – Workinonit Remix (ultra)
Curtis Williams – This Her Jam ft. MoneyMakinNique & Alkebulan (ultra)
S.L.A.C.K. – Hatsugen On Skit ft Rau Def (ultra)
Gucci Mane – Stupid (ahnnu remix) (ultra)
FatKidsBrotha – Queso ft Snubnose (ultra)

probably soultronica next. holler. @dexdigi

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