Homework And Classwork Questions For Gcse Business Studies

Business Studies

Qualification:    GCSE Business Studies

Exam Board:      Edexcel

Exam Website:  https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/business-2009.coursematerials.html

Exam Dates:

Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business          

Wed 23rd May


Topic 1.1 – Spotting a business opportunity

Topic 1.2 – Showing enterprise

Topic 1.3 – Putting a business idea into practice

Topic 1.4 – Making the start- up effective

Topic 1.5 – The economic context

Unit 2: Investigating Small Business

Controlled Assessment


Unit 3: Building a Business               

Wed 6th June


Topic 3.1 – Marketing

Topic 3.2 – Meeting customer needs

Topic 3.3 - Effective financial management

Topic 3.4 – Effective people management

Topic 3.5 – The wider world affecting business


Edexcel revision guides are available on Amazon. Copies are available to use in B11.


BBC Bitesize Business:






All lesson resources are available on StPetersBook. Homework tasks are in Pupil Hand Out/ Ms McCann/ Year 11 GCSE Business/ Homework

Revision Sessions:

Every Thursday from 3:15 – 4:00pm in B11

These provide an opportunity to complete any outstanding classwork and to revise particular areas identified by students 


Business Studies is taught by three teachers; these include Ms Ali, Mr Ahmed and Mr Williams.


Vision and aims

Our department supports the school vision, “to equip every Cumberland pupil with the knowledge and the skills to develop as individuals, to contribute as citizens and to build happy and fulfilling lives”.


In Business Studies we aim to enable every child to leave school with an accredited qualification. We strive to reduce the attainment gap between groups of pupils by making effective use of data to inform teaching and learning and by constantly develop our skills as a teaching team.


We aim to support pupils to understand the key skills and process they need to develop and progress. We are constantly developing a curriculum that involves a range of tasks and activities to support and challenge learners of all abilities, and to become independent, life-long learners.


The Business Studies department plays a key part in developing skills that will prepare pupils’ workplace skills, which in turn will contribute to their economic wellbeing. Our curriculum contextualises learning through the use of real life situations and problem solving scenarios. We use industry standard software and pupils develop a range of skills and knowledge alongside personal qualities such as the ability to work effectively in teams. Pupils are well prepared for the courses on offer.


The Business Studies Curriculum

Business Studies is an option subject, and as such is studied in Key Stage 4 only. All pupils follow the Edexcel GCSE Business Studies course.


  • The GCSE specification from the Edexcel examination board is for a linear course. This course involves three units.
  • Unit 1 leads to an externally marked exam, worth 25% of the qualification.
  • Unit 2 is a controlled assessment task, also worth 25% of the qualification.
  • Unit 3/4/5 leads to an externally marked exam, worth the remaining 50% of the qualification.
  • In Year 10 pupils complete Unit 1 and prepare for and take Unit 2, which forms the Controlled Assessment aspect of the course.
  • In Year 11 pupils study the optional unit. This year, pupils are preparing for Unit 5 – ‘Introduction to Economic Understanding'.
  • Much more detailed information and a range of learning materials for the Business Studies course is available to pupils and their families via www.fronter.com/newham and on the GCSE Business Studies pages at www.edexcel.org.uk.


Assessment for Learning

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process in Business. Pupils are encouraged to evaluate their own work and that of their peers. Pupils are provided with their assessment criteria at the start of each unit, so they can reference what they need to do to move forward. The teaching team assess progress through questioning in class, and marking of classwork and homework. Data is recorded regularly on the school’s electronic management information system, so that we can track progress towards targets efficiently and effectively.


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