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1 Magaziner Ryan Magaziner Molly LeClair Writing 1150-751 April 28, 2011 Greeks Behind the Scene Since 1776, Greek life has played a life-changing role in the lives of many university students across the nation. Student bodies as well as university administrators have different views on whether Greek life actually contributes or negatively reflects a school. Many administrators believe that Greek life on campus reflects poorly on a university and harms the school and the students. One reason they give is that fraternities and sororities haze those who join, which causes physical or mental harm to the new members. They also argue that fraternity parties are unsafe and lead to higher instances of rape. Finally, they argue that fraternities and sororities are exclusive. Although these reasons are serious, Greek life is important on university campuses. Fraternity and sorority members are under strict rules and will be punished for any sort of hazing activities. Fraternity parties are safe to attend, and statistical evidence shows that rape is less likely at fraternity parties than at house parties. Though fraternities and sororities seem to be exclusive, they often do this to ensure the safety of residents and guests in the house. Finally, joining a Greek organization offers leadership opportunities, giving Greeks a higher success rate in their future than non-Greek graduates. The days of Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds are over, and hazing has been outlawed on campus and is unconstitutional in fraternities and sororities. Hazing, however, not only exists in Greek life, but it occurs in many different aspects of life—

Gender And Vengeance In Greek Mythology: The Story Of Athena

Athena, daughter of Zeus, faced the discrimination of being a woman in a realm of male gods. Her vengeance was simple; in order to rectify her place of Zeus’ daughter, the goddess was faced with the task of asserting herself as the mother figure of Greek mythology. Athena’s fate was sealed by her birth; Zeus expected his wife, Metis, to birth him a son. Zeus feared that if Metis birthed a son, he would be overshadowed by his greater strength and power. To Zeus’ amazement, Metis birthed a daughter. Thus, Athena faced the subjugation of being a woman born into greatness. This naturally meant one thing for Athena; through her wisdom, see could find the intellectual vengeance upon her father’s insecurity of the feminine.

Through her affinity towards art and literature, Athena was able to assert her abilities, and thus dispel the fact that she was merely a woman. Her abilities in the arts and in battle surely paid off. For in seeking her vengeance to assert herself as the Goddess of Wisdom, she became so influential in the pantheon of gods that a city was named after her, the city of Athens. However, Athena was not simply handed this rite of passage. She had to face a contest with the god Poseidon in order to claim her dominion of Athena.

As telling as Athena’s patronage over the arts is to Greek mythology, her true vengeance was through the art of war. As a woman who was born not only a grown adult, but a true warrior, she asserted herself in the realm of mythology as a great warrior. Through the Judgement of Paris, Athena asserted herself by beating both Hera and Aphrodite for the prize of a golden apple. The apple represents not only Athena’s power as a warrior and ruler, but additionally her procurement of power through wisdom.

By asserting her power through wisdom, Athena sought her vengeance of the fate of womanhood by proving herself a warrior and leader, a role typically inherited by the men of Greek mythology. In conclusion, Athena was not only the Goddess of Wisdom, but the sole inheritor of Zeus’ power and influence. With these expectations, Athena did not seek vengeance through violence or force; her ability to rule ultimately boiled down to her wisdom. It was through her wisdom and strength that she was able to become not only a wise warrior, who won battles by utilizing her intelligence, but additionally a ruler who pushed the boundaries of womanhood, giving Greek mythology a new-found respect for women through her domination over the city of Athens.

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