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2521 Monument Blvd
Concord, CA94520
(925) 687-8800

I went to this auto dealer with apprehension. I had seen the auto online and was very interested in it. It was an emergency purchase because I needed to get to work that Monday. I was very nervous about not buying a auto from a dealer but amazed with the customer service and financing capabilty. I was pleasantly surprised by their inventory. All the autos were clean and in immaculate shape. You could tell that they really had a certain level of auto that they would sell. The owner and salesperson put me at ease and they went out of their way to help me obtain the auto I was interested in. I am so happy with the purchase. There was no pressure. In fact they were calming. I was always told not to go to used car lots but this lot is definitely different. They care about their reputation and it shows in their service and inventory. So if you are looking for personal service and not being just another sale, I recommend this dealer. I will always purchase my future autos from them and intend on recommending them to my family and friends because they stand by their sales. Thank you so much A&H Motors (Hadi and Ray) for taking the time to assist me. It was the best experience I have had in purchasing a car. It was quick and painless. Thank you!!! Thank you!!

I am honored to write a review for A & H Motors. We didn't end up purchasing a vehicle from them, but the customer service we were given warrants my highest praises. The owner, Hadi, is extremely professional and has been in the industry for years. They had just acquired the vehicle we were interested in and Hadi made sure it was ready to test drive by the time I got there. When I brought my husband back later that evening, Hadi had his team detail the vehicle and it was immaculate. The only reason we didn't end up purchasing with them is because we found the same vehicle with slightly lower miles. We will definitely be back for our next purchase. No games, no pressure... excellent customer service.

I have purchased all 3 of my last vehicles directly from a major luxury dealership. When I was ready for my next car, I had a specific model/ color combo in mind that they were not able to locate. I found the car of my dreams at A & H but was warned by everyone I knew NOT to go to an off market used car dealership- especially by myself. I took a chance and am so grateful that I did- Hadi and Ray were AMAZING. There was absolutely no pressure at all, (I was actually more attacked with upcharges at the dealership), process was fast and painless, and more than anything- they were MORE than fair when it came to my trade in and new purchase- and I am OVERJOYED by my entire experience with them. In fact, I turned out to be the problem one for them when I made a mistake with my bank regarding the transferring funds, but Hadi was patient and helped me with a solution. This entire experience changes everything I have ever been told not going to a major dealer and now I see why major dealers have been trying to keep this a secret so long. I will absolutely be back and will continue to sing A & H's praises. Thank you Hadi and Ray!!!

I recently purchased my new car, which I love, and the service and costumer service was so great. They went above and beyond to make sure my financing and paper work goes as smooth as possible. Thanks to both Hadi and Ray for taking care of all the paper work and selling me a car that I feel safe and happy with it. See you guys in next 3 years for my next car. :o) Thank you so much for all your help. Element

Having purchased the vehicle in Oct 2015 I felted compelled to write a update on the vehicle, 2012 Cadillac Escalade I purchased. To date I have had zero problems. Like many others all I wanted is a reliable vehicle and purchasing a vehicle that is used can be very scary. I have had my share of disasters purchasing a used vehicle. I am not an employee or associated with this dealer just someone who purchased a car from A & H. Sometimes people only want to write negative stuff. Thanks again for selling me a safe and reliable vehicle. Ken

Excellent business to buy a car from. I drove 2 hours to purchase a car they had in stock. They were professional, honest, and most importantly made the transaction quick and easy. First, they priced the car (and most of them) very competitively. They also gave me above average value trade-in for my car. If this was all they did, they would already be in upper tier of car sales. I left the lot with my car and noticed that there was a lot of bouncing around that I couldn't feel in the short test drive I took. Immediately Hadi asked me to come back later in the week and let his mechanic check it out. He ordered 2 sets of 2 different brands (8 total shocks) of shocks in case we needed them because we couldn't find out if it was shock 1 or shock 2 without the mechanic taking a look. Get this, he had me come back, then HE PAID in full for parts and labor for the new shocks. This is all despite me signing the waiver of no return. Now the car is as good as new. He did not have to do this and he went above and beyond in his response and care for this customer. If I ever shop for a car again, I will definitely keep A & H in mind and you should too.

I am very satisfied customer after making my purchase with A &H Motors. Hadi and Ray will provide you honest service which is hard to find in this business. Hadi is very professional and will make sure that his customer is very satisfied. Will repeat

I purchased a 2008 Audi from here in 10/2011. Two years later, I am dealing with $10,555 in repairs due to a rubber wedge that was lodged into the engine to rig the gear drive. The wedge is a NON-CAR PART and glued in with red glue. Per the dealership it was rigged to keep the gear tension tight rather than correct the problem. This was not viewable unless the engine was lifted out, but clearly there when I purchased the car.

Good and straight forward people. I did not buy the car but I felt these are good guys trying to run an honest business.

I just bought the 3rd car from this place since 2010. The owner is super nice and patient, and they will try their best to find the car and the condition is guaranteed, because all I need to do after I buy cars from here just the general maintenance, and that's it, super highly recommend!!

I had a good experience here. I didn't feel like I was being pushed into buying anything. The sales associate who rode with me on the test drive was quiet, and I appreciated that. They also let me take the car to a local auto shop for a pre-purchase inspection, no problems. When I decided to buy, the owner, Hadi, was able to get me a lower interest rate on my loan than the bank had originally offered me. I got a good deal on a good car, and received the certificate of title and new registration tags in the mail a few weeks later. This place is an honest, straight forward used car dealership. I'd highly recommend A & H Motors to anyone looking for a good deal on a used car.

Just purchased our 2nd car (in 13 months) today from Hadi at H & H Motors. The BEST buying experience you'll ever have!! They spent countless hours at auction to find the best vehicles for the best price. I highly recommend Hadi, Ray and their entire staff!

The pictures of the vehicle I was contemplating buying were only of one side, though the owner said they were of both sides. I spent over an hour traveling to the dealer only to find the vehicle had been sideswiped, had significant paint damage and the running board had a hole in it. Don't waste your time here.

If we continue to value hardware and software sales over education for our students, we will sell a lot of products, but we will also naturally continue to have students in need of extensive remediation and to produce unemployable graduates.

Scholars or Customers?

EducationViews.org; Houston, Texas

Will Fitzhugh

The Concord Review

Diane Senechal, Ph.D., wrote a book (The Republic of Noise—2012) about the virtues of solitude for young people living in our mad, mad, Wired World.

I fear she may be insufficiently aware that every moment one of our high school students spends in reflection, musing, thinking, contemplation, meditation or indeed in solitude, unless those moments are product-focused, can grow, over time, into a huge barrier to sales of computers, software, games, and other products of our marketing efforts in educational technology. After all, the business of education is business, right?

To put it plainly, thinking, and other sorts of reflection, constitute a serious threat to all efforts to meet hardware/software sales quotas, especially in the huge and growingly lucrative education market.

This should make it clearer why the companies which are the commercial engines of our economy, especially the technology companies which are concentrating on education for a large portion of their consumer marketing and sales, are so opposed to having students read actual nonfiction books or spend time working on history research papers while they are in high school.

While it may be true that having students read one or more complete history books while they are still in high school may not only teach them some history, but will also help them to get ready for the nonfiction books they will be asked to read in college, and that any work they do in high school on serious history research papers will better prepare them for college writing tasks, it must be borne in mind that both of those activities can seriously cut into their use of social media and associated products, and limit the time they will spend buying and using video games and other important products!

We have to decide if we want our high school students to be scholars or customers! Apple Computer did not spend $650 million or thereabouts to persuade our students to read books and write papers to further their education, but instead to buy iPhones and iMacs to help distract them from homework and other obstacles to buying products. As Mark Bauerlein noted in The Dumbest Generation, one sign in an Apple store promised that the MacBook would be “the only book you will ever need.”

There has been attention recently given to the disadvantages of colleges inflating grades and doing other things in their attempts to attract paying customers, because treating students as customers interferes with the essential responsibility of Upper Education to serve and challenge them as students.

But even in Lower Education, the multi-multi-billion-dollar market in digital equipment and software has employed major efforts to induce students to spend 53 hours a week with electronic entertainment media, according to the Kaiser Foundation, while most of them spend no more than 3 or 4 hours a week on homework.

There are always a few people who don’t get the Word to “dumb it down!!” Since 1968, the International Baccalaureate Program has required a 4,000-word (16-page) Extended Essay for candidates for the Diploma, and that may very well have resulted in some students reading complete nonfiction books.

In addition, the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board, while it has not yet managed to include a serious term paper (a small pilot experiment is now underway), nevertheless has not exiled some teachers who go ahead and assign them anyway, a good number of which have been published in The Concord Review since 1987. In fact a special issue of AP history essays was published by The Concord Review in 1995, and this issue is available on the website at www.tcr.org. But those teachers (and students) have always been outside the mainstream with their efforts.

A few high school students, in some cases inspired by the exemplary work of their peers published in The Concord Review, have worked to read for and write their serious history term papers as independent studies, some ranging from 8,000 words (32 pages) up to 15,000 words (60 pages), but with no encouragement from the electronic entertainment, computer/software, and STEM communities, these scholarly “mountaineers”  have not been numerous over the years.

If we continue to value hardware and software sales over education for our students, we will sell a lot of products, but we will also naturally continue to have students in need of extensive remediation and to produce unemployable graduates. However, if we decide to relax our visa barriers for skilled immigrants, we may continue to count on them to carry our civilization forward or at least keep it going by making use of the benefits they bring with them from the non-commercial educations still available in other countries in South Asia and East Asia and elsewhere.

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